Friday, March 27, 2009

Souvenirs and Such

This post is full of pictures of things that I actually bought in Europe so that you can actually see what I spent my money on. This is not everything I bought because some things have already gone missing; some things I forgot to grab; and of course other things I passed out as gifts to people. Above is a very blurry picture of a small statue of the Eiffel Tower that I got at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

I bought these postcards in Rome from a guy selling stuff outside the Colosseum. It was a euro for 20 postcards and I couldn't pass up a deal like that!

Swiss Army waiter's knife that I bought in Lucerne

Beautiful rosary that I bought at the Vatican

Really cool bracelet from Paris that I bought at a gift shop right down from Notre Dame. You can't really see it but each of the circles have different French monuments on them.

Two pairs of earrings that I bought in Florence

My most expensive purchase of the trip. White gold, diamonds, and a pearl. From Florence

Second most expensive purchase of the trip. Swarovski bracelet from Innsbruck

A great purchase in Rome from the side of the street. A nice "PRADA" bag

Group souvenir photo from Florence

The next five are all paintings that I got in Paris and I love them so much. They were very cheap too

Beer stein from St. Goar. This is a limited edition made for Contiki, specifically our trip because it has every city we visit on there. I absolutely love it!

Mask from Venice

Windmill from Amsterdam

Snowglobe from the Colosseum

I don't know why this picture is the wrong way, but these are wooden clogs from Amsterdam

Just so you know, I went to Europe with a list of specific things I knew I wanted to get. This is something I recommend that you do. This way you don't pick up too many souvenirs and you don't forget something you really wanted.

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