Friday, March 27, 2009

People Pictures

To show how much fun we had and also so you can see the type of clothes we wore in the winter in Europe, I thought it would be helpful to show you some people pictures with a few captions so you know where we are and what we are doing...during the day I wore a lot of layers and at night I tended to keep the layers on the bottom but wear tank tops or such on the top (taking my jackets with me as well)..hope these pictures will help!

David and Ryan during our last night out in Paris. You can see Cherry in the background wearing a dress.

David and I (I have had quite a few drinks at this point) our last night in Paris. I'm wearing a dress

Eban and Mark last night in Paris

Me infront of the Eiffel was absolutely freezing...I think I have four layers on in this picture

Group shot before going to the Eiffel Tower...everyone is layered up

Ladies layered up before our trip to the Eiffel Tower

Me, Ashely, Mark, Vanessa, and Filipe on the Gondola in the cold, wet Venice weather

Jen, Ashely, Tara, me, and Vanessa all dolled up for new years...Jen has a skirt on..Tara has a halter top on...and my silver shirt is backless

Group shot by a lake in Austria

Myself, Ryan and Vanessa in Austria

Group shot at Hard Rock in Munich

Group shot in Munich

Wine tasting in the cellar in St. Goar

Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

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